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  L-Arginine (700 mg)
L-Arginine (700 mg)





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About us

The greatest good ...

Food, the fuel of life, provides our bodies with essential components that keep us healthy. Health is one of life‘s most valuable assets. For a variety of reasons our diet no longer contains adequate nutrients. Even a so-called „balanced diet“ does not possess sufficient quantities of essential micronutrients (e.g. vitamins and minerals). But because of environmental pollution our need for these micronutrients is increasing all the time.Increasing numbers of therapists are now advising their clients to supplement their diets in a targeted way in order to meet their individual nutrient requirements and ensure a healthy balance.

The range of food supplements on the market has grown significantly in recent years, but their quality can vary considerably. This makes it increasingly difficult for the consumer to make the right choice. We at ALYX Biologicals have set ourselves the task of providing products that are suitable even for sensitive or allergic individuals. In this connection, we have recognized how important it is to ensure that food supplements are free of:

•  soya, wheat and maize proteins,
•  sugar, starch,
•  yeast, milk,
•  artificial colourings,
•  artificial preservatives,
•  artificial sweeteners and
•  salicylates

That‘s why we take great pains to ensure that our marketed products:

•  are formulated according to scientific principles,
•  are produced from the best available raw materials,
•  contain basic ingredients that provide maximum bioavailability,
•  are subject to constant quality control
•  contain a minimum of excipients.

To maintain and constantly improve on this high standard, we work closely with doctors, scientists and manufacturers worldwide, leaders in the field of food supplements.
AlyxBiologicals was formed in 1995 after a group of doctors approached us with a request to supply the European market also with food supplements that would be suitable for sensitive or allergic individuals.



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